Advised by Short
Advisory and consulting services from one of the top names in Kubernetes, cloud native, and open source Chris Short
About Me
Advised by Short
Chris Short aims to provide consulting and advisory services to business interested in getting into the cloud native ecosystem of tooling.

Chris is a results-producing, passionate DevOps professional turned Technical Marketer and community advocate. Cloud Native Computing Foundation Ambassador, Kubernetes SIG-ContribEx member, public speaker, personal and professional blogger/writer, founder of DevOps’ish, KubeWeekly contributor, and believer in open source principles bettering interactions and promoting conversations.

Technology exists to improve human existence.
CNCF Ambassador

Being a CNCF Ambassador since 2017, I have a wealth of knowledge about not only Kubernetes, the tool itself, but the ecosystems around it, governance of CNCF projects. Generally, I'm connected to people around CNCF projects. I understand how everything works inside CNCF, so you don't have to.

Open Source Marketing

Contributing to the open source projects since the late 1990s, working in DevOps for over a decade, and product and technical marketing for years now, I'm uniquely situated to provide guidance around how to authentically market an open source project and the company around it for increased engagement and awareness.


Call it DevOps, DevSecOps, or whatever you call it in your organization; chances are some there are data points that could point us in the right direction to tightening those feedback loops. Chris has worked in various industries and has seen many examples of digital transformation. The one that's right for your organization is the one that works for your organization.


A member of the Kubernetes community since 2016 and has extensively worked with Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift for years. I possess significant knowledge about how to engage the Kubernetes community.


Chris Short is a Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation. If you have automation problems, Ansible could help you. I can provide guidance here.


Linux is the platform that changed the globe. Chris Short has spent over twenty years administering, maintaining, and managing Linux systems across the public and private sectors. In both air-gapped and internet-facing environments.


DevOps'ish is a weekly newsletter assembled by open source contributor, DevOps leader, and Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Ambassador Chris Short.


The weekly newsletters for all things Kubernetes. KubeWeekly is curated by Saiyam Pathak, L Körbes, Alison Dowdney, Chris Short, Craig Box, Daniel Oh, Kim McMahon, Michael Hausenblas and Shilla Saebi